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You Gotta Have Faith the MinPin

The "Queen" of the "King of Toys"

Faith the Good MinPin

Good Faith says, "I'll steal your heart"

"My Daddy says I'm his S'eet Baby Girl" and he even says that I'm cute and lovable when I do something everyone one else thinks is naughty but I'm so soft and cuddly and I love everyone and I love life and I'm just so happy to wake up everyday. Ya' just gotta love Me!

Faith the Bad MinPin

Bad Faith says, "I'll steal all your toys!"

"Yeh, I'm Bad ... so watch out! I'll steal your toys and any food you have ... I'll even take food from a baby. But to be fair to my badness, the Baby gives me food and I'm happy to "share" with him. Be careful leaving anything around, it might disappear. Mwa Ha Ha Haaaa!"

Have Some Faith
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