Xander the MinPin     
Meet Xander the MinPin
Meet Xander the MinPinGo ahead ... I heard you ... AWWWWWWW!!! Isn't he cute??? He's Xander the MinPin, when he was a puppy and the youngest member of The MinPins. He was the friendliest little puppy and loved to play with you, and still does. But be prepared, he'll steal your heart as well as anything you might be munching on at the time. He fits right in with his MinPin brothers and sisters although he thinks that Teal'c and Sammi look a lot different. He hasn't figured out yet that they are more "honorary" MinPins. He does get testy with Riley the Chihuahua as they are always competing over toys and bones. He also was Anya the Italian Greyhound's "teacher"
None the less, there's never a dull moment with Xander. He even provides amusement when he naps. Keep your eyes peeled for the Snoozin' Xander pics as well as other photos and videos. And don't forget to visit the rest of Xander's brothers and sisters at TheMinPins.com!
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