A few more pseudos and you'll have to call me Sybil

I ... am the "New Phantom" ... I write scary songs around Halloween ...
... looking forward to frighten you in the fall of 2019.
Yes ... I am even Paul the Author and Paul the WebGuy ... BeattheDietBlues.com
is ready for you to enjoy and a book of the same title in the near future.
The "Goddess of Magic" is my new novel withh planned for later.
I ... am ... Paul the Cookie Pig ... Sugar Free Cookie Pig that is ... with a website
that will help anyone make sugar free cookies. YYYYUUUMMMMMM!


Yes ... I dabble in a few things and I would like to get to know all of you better. My hope is that you can support my effort to entertain, amuse and even inform you just by spreading the word to everyone. You may even have the opportunity to make money too. If you wish, check out the information on my Patreon Membership later in this website.





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